M. Frances Foster

Designer, maker and denim enthusiast
based in the middle of the map.

Here I share various visual exercises,
new works, scrapshots of places and things; evidences of life and living
in St. Louis, U.S.A.

A complicated, romantic thing involving
paper scraps, stringed instruments
and phases of the moon

We work in the dark. 
We do what we can.
We give what we have.
Our doubt is our passion.
Our passion is our task.
The rest is the madness of art.


Henry James




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In the interim

House on Morgan Ford, South St. Louis City


The future is pliable, unknown, and weighty. On the other side of today there is a vagueness — a multitude of directions the world could sway. ...We have a hunger for a better condition, and we are, if nothing else, optimistic. The only way forward is through something we've never done, so we run full speed into the great imagined unknown to make this world for one another. 

 —  F R A N K    C H I M E R O  The Shape of Design

I've found myself welcoming some new and exciting opportunities and of course, keeping very busy lately. I don't ever want to feel hurried or obliged to create bogus content so as it seems, I've neglected this space for the simple reason of not being able to find the time or energy when it comes down to it. I hope in the coming weeks as things settle, this space can help again to keep me centered. What I did find time for was Chimero's fieldguide for makers, The Shape of Design. I loved so many things about this book - I'll likely reference it often. Thank you for checking back. :)

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Like music to my ears. I am in that same feeling right now - so much to do that I find myself worried I'm neglecting my blog, and then I realise it really shouldn't be something that worries me! I'd rather do no posts than hurried posts, as I feel I have been doing lately.
06/15 | Unregistered CommenterJo

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