We work in the dark. 
We do what we can.
We give what we have.
Our doubt is our passion.
Our passion is our task.
The rest is the madness of art.


Henry James

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"A complicated, romantic thing involving paper scraps, stringed instruments and phases of the moon"



Happy Anniversary, Stephanie & Corey 

Hard to believe it's been two years already! We had a ton of fun putting together the details for Stephanie & Corey's wedding, which was held at the City Museum here in St. Louis. You might remember their save-the-dates, which I shared here along with some 35mm shots. Pictured above is, what I like to call their "sophisticarnival" invitation and RSVP ticket. And below, an image I snapped on their wedding night smoochin on the ferris wheel, atop the city.  


Festival of Nations / 22 weeks


Well, I'm still winding down and catching up from the whirlwind that was last weekend, bear with me. We had a jam packed schedule despite the heat warnings, and now that its Friday—and damn near the weekend yet again—I'm finally able to slow down and share a bit. 

So, about last weekend: we had a yardsale with our neighbors which went pretty alright although we opted to pack up at noon because of the heat. Our favorite customer being an older gentleman with a tiny weiner dog named Snaps who was tryin like hell to low ball us on everything from shoes to toasters. I fought the urge to just give him whatever he wanted. Once we packed everything up, Jon and I grabbed lunch and layed around a couple hours because that night his band got to play under the arch! Apparently it was one of the last events they'd have until the Arch Grounds construction gets underway; pretty awesome. On Sunday we walked to the Festival of Nations at Tower Grove park, where I always look forward to ogling over the racks of tiny handstitched cotton Ecuadorian dresses. Last year I snagged one, but this year I held off since our babe is... a boy. That afternoon we got to catch an unexpected solo show by Cat Power, a longtime favorite of mine. She came to show support and stand in solidarity for Ferguson and all that has been happening there; a really intimate set.

Everything is so exciting and I'm wanting to document as much here as I can (now that I'm past the halfway mark) although lately I'd rather pour through hundreds of interior images on pinterest as I'm anticipating our move, and arranging a brand new space. I've also felt a bit of hesitation to share too much of my excitement, at least online, because I've felt a little guilty being so excited and happy at a time that is so intensely sad for so many, especially in St. Louis. I haven't wanted to come off as being insensitive. But I'm choosing to believe theres a hell of a lot of beauty at the bottom of all the pain and that the events that have unfolded have awakened awareness and will spark a change in the racial divide, here and everywhere. We, like every able human, want to raise our child surrounded by as much love as humanly possible. And with that being said, below is another image at 22weeks, happy, with a monstrous snow cone. 


Saturday Morning Vintage 

Stumbled upon these curated paper packs by Saturday Morning Vintage the other day.
Love how the various scraps work together like little art pieces when paired with their color family. 


Baby Bonham and an engagement to boot!

Big news all around, over here. Jon and I are expecting a baby boy, set for arrival on Christmas dang day! I know the chances of going into labor on your due date is somewhat slim (and actually I'm hoping we can be home, babe in tow by Christmas) but because you sorta anticipate Christmas anyway, it's really given me a good gague of our timeline...which has been flying by. Already halfway there! 

Then, on August 5th (also my mom's birthday!) we grabbed some donuts and Jon put on a record while we were gettin ready to head out for our 20 week ultrasound (Ricky; Ricky Nelson—you know, Honeycomb, Be-Bop Baby, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You...). We were dancing around, eager to see our babe kick around on the screen (and to find out what we were having of course) when I walked into my office at the end of the hall to find an old Wheel of Fortune game board propped on my desk asking "Will You Marry Me?"... I turned to find Jon on his knee with a stunner of a ring, saying some words I'm not even sure of now, I was so shocked. I didn't even think I cared for diamonds much, but this ring is somethin else. It was his Grandma Ruth's that he had restored and cleaned and it's just perfect. A little insight on the Wheel of Fortune relevance: ever since I've been pregnant, I'm an avid Wheel watcher; it entertains the hell out of me. I think we both think that's pretty hilarious, so it was pretty adorable he was able to incorporate my love of the wheel in the whole deal.

All-in-all, we're just elated to start this next chapter. To top it off, we signed a lease on a new, bigger apartment thats just a block away from our place now. An added bedroom, which I'll be using as my office and another little room close by we're planning on making the nursery. We move in beginning of September, and I can't stop obsessing over interiors, which you may have noticed on Pinterest. I also made a baby board to keep track of all things cute.

And an aside: I realize I haven't shared much of my personal life here in the past, but after a long period of feeling bored of blogging in general, I've been a bit more into it lately and because I'm expecting to be somewhat consumed with motherhood, I decided it'd be ok to share what I damn well please from here on out! In addition, I'm hoping to share several projects I've recently wrapped and maybe sometime in the near future (no promises), my new website that I've been working on all summer—complete with a lil shop! Anyhow, thanks in advance for following along, and any advice is welcome! 

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