Baby Bonham and an engagement to boot!

Big news all around, over here. Jon and I are expecting a baby boy, set for arrival on Christmas dang day! I know the chances of going into labor on your due date is somewhat slim (and actually I'm hoping we can be home, babe in tow by Christmas) but because you sorta anticipate Christmas anyway, it's really given me a good gague of our timeline...which has been flying by. Already halfway there! 

Then, on August 5th (also my mom's birthday!) we grabbed some donuts and Jon put on a record while we were gettin ready to head out for our 20 week ultrasound (Ricky; Ricky Nelson—you know, Honeycomb, Be-Bop Baby, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You...). We were dancing around, eager to see our babe kick around on the screen (and to find out what we were having of course) when I walked into my office at the end of the hall to find an old Wheel of Fortune game board propped on my desk asking "Will You Marry Me?"... I turned to find Jon on his knee with a stunner of a ring, saying some words I'm not even sure of now, I was so shocked. I didn't even think I cared for diamonds much, but this ring is somethin else. It was his Grandma Ruth's that he had restored and cleaned and it's just perfect. A little insight on the Wheel of Fortune relevance: ever since I've been pregnant, I'm an avid Wheel watcher; it entertains the hell out of me. I think we both think that's pretty hilarious, so it was pretty adorable he was able to incorporate my love of the wheel in the whole deal.

All-in-all, we're just elated to start this next chapter. To top it off, we signed a lease on a new, bigger apartment thats just a block away from our place now. An added bedroom, which I'll be using as my office and another little room close by we're planning on making the nursery. We move in beginning of September, and I can't stop obsessing over interiors, which you may have noticed on Pinterest. I also made a baby board to keep track of all things cute.

And an aside: I realize I haven't shared much of my personal life here in the past, but after a long period of feeling bored of blogging in general, I've been a bit more into it lately and because I'm expecting to be somewhat consumed with motherhood, I decided it'd be ok to share what I damn well please from here on out! In addition, I'm hoping to share several projects I've recently wrapped and maybe sometime in the near future (no promises), my new website that I've been working on all summer—complete with a lil shop! Anyhow, thanks in advance for following along, and any advice is welcome! 


me and room service, honey

images compiled from my visual archive, paired with my own embellishments   ::  listen: Jackson C. Frank; Blues Run the Game 


New Directions // T for Texas 

T for Texas; gold lettering enamel on glass, found image in vintage frame

I've been thinking about personal works; why the work begins and where it inevitably goes before deemed done and open for examination. I've been lucky enough to maintain a steady workflow while freelancing (and am excited about all the projects on my plate), but personal work is something entirely different; and something I've come to realize is, for me, entirely necessary. My work has taken many different forms, although most works are abandoned at ideation because of who knows why: time, or doubt, or fear... The Gift is a book I flip through frequently, reminding me of the power the imagination has to assemble the elements of our experience into coherent, lively wholes: it is a gift. And that sometimes you have to be brave and put an idea out into the universe instead of sitting on it; evaluating, criticizing and eventually killing it before it ever even existed. Above is a new direction my personal work has taken recently, and I'm eager to see where it leads.

Art as a dynamic phenomenon that evolves in three stages: before it is made, while it is made and when it is percieved. ...the work of art that succeeds is the work which, like a piece of music that is just beginning, makes one aware of the silence that preceeds it, and of the possibilities it opens up and generates while the moment lasts; uniting the past, the present and the future.  

—  JOHN BERGER, The Look of Things 


All artists work to acquire and perfect the tools of their craft, and all art involves evaluation, clarification, and revision. But these are secondary tasks. They cannot begin (sometimes they must not begin) until the materia, the body of the work, is on the page or on the canvas. ...Premature evaluation cuts off the flow. 



Faint Hymns (Honey for Dinner)

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