We work in the dark. 
We do what we can.
We give what we have.
Our doubt is our passion.
Our passion is our task.
The rest is the madness of art.


Henry James



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"A complicated, romantic thing involving paper scraps, stringed instruments and phases of the moon"

Heartworn Highways // films from Wildwood 

Outside Stovall's Grove; Wildwood, Missouri; 2014

 fujifilm wideformat // 35mm // Polaroid 300 // Kodak single use


Goldenrod Riot // infatuated with embroidery

Dirty Face, Crowning Glory - 2003, hand embroidery on cotton; Jenny Hart

tailored personal heirloom garment by Ft. Lonesome

Since discovering Hart's work awhile back, I'd kept it in the back of my mind as something I'd maybe like to try my hand at someday. Then when I stumbled upon Fort Lonesome and their story, I realized it was something I'd been sorta slowly falling in love with and that I'll likely never get over. Not to mention the influence of the Nudie Suit and Western wear in general. The patience and precision that goes into these pieces! Baroque vignettes hinting at a hell of a history and hand behind each stitch. The seemingly specific stories they so sweetly sew...  

This Work Never Ends - 2002; Luck - 1972 - 2003; by Jenny Hart 


"...we're all pulled toward this romantic idea of what we wish we were or what we want to be or what we hold for ourselves as being; strong and self-reliant and capable and connected to our environment. The mythology of western wear pulls you in and if you can find a place where you can connect to that story, the story tends to be a lot about isolation and yet if we are all connecting to this mythology of this self-reliant cowboy out on the plains, it pulls us together in some way."  Kathie Server, Ft. Lonesome


Imperial Bedroom

"In a coast-to-coast, shag carpeted imperial bedroom, we could all just be messes and save ourselves the trouble of pretending. But who wants to live in a pajama-party world? Privacy loses its value unless there's something it can be defined against. Meanwhile the rest of us go on trying to fool each other—and a good thing, too. The need to put on a public face is as basic as the need for the privacy in which to take it off. We need both a home that's not like a public space and a public space that's not like a home."

[ E X C E R P T ]   Imperial Bedroom; Jonathan Franzen

[ I M A G E   S O U R C E S;   CW ] Beth Kirby // Bonnie Tsang // unknown // unknown

proficient practitioner of a fugitive form

"We must design all things so that they feed our
future needs rather than compromising them."
- -
"Focus is only helpful when the proper outcomes
are the object of attention, and, before considering
how to refocus, the problems of the present focus
must be understood."

[Designing Sustainable Packaging; Boylston]

"Long ago he realized his intelligence didn't extend
so far–to know what was good from what was best–
so he taught himself to dig well, and did."
- -
"The less the work's about me,
the more I get to use my life."

[How Should A Person Be; Heti]

paint chip artwork by me / / / listen: The Weather Station Nobody
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