M. Frances Foster

Designer, maker and denim enthusiast
based in the middle of the map.

Here I share various visual exercises,
new works, scrapshots of places and things; evidences of life and living
in St. Louis, U.S.A.

A complicated, romantic thing involving
paper scraps, stringed instruments
and phases of the moon

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We work in the dark. 
We do what we can.
We give what we have.
Our doubt is our passion.
Our passion is our task.
The rest is the madness of art.


Henry James





Baby Shower No. O2

Well, just as I was gettin pretty alright at being showered, I ran out of em! I think maybe four baby showers is somekind of an unspoken max, though..? The photos above are from the shower a few of my best galfriends hosted (Western themed of course). If you're ever in need of a stylist in the St. Louis area, my great friend Katie—who was kind enough to host us in her amazing, historic home—is a great one. I of course only took a few detail photos before everyone started arriving and really wish I would've gotten some shots of all my galfriends in one spot (doh), but theres really too much going on to worry about taking photos at these things anyway. They were all so much fun. I feel so lucky to have such great, creative, and generous friends and family. Not to mention a pretty good handful that share my sense of humor and style—this baby is already set with plenty of denim, great music and at least one hysterical hand puppet. 

We are loaded with all kindsa cute over here, you guys, I can hardly handle it.
And we're more than anxious to see our babe's face for the first time. Five more weeks...


New Work // Hand-stamped shower invite

A look at the invitation I designed for an upcoming western themed baby shower my Mom is kindly hosting for me. We hand-stamped all 25 or so on French Pop-tone in Jellybean Green and stuffed them into Pop-tone Orange Fizz envelopes. These little guys are only 4bar size—teensy! Which I thought would be extra cute given the obviously adorable subject matter. 

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An ode to the almighty cherry

— — —

The Loved One / Lydia Goldblatt / lipstick hands /  //+ Freshly Squeezed, Instrumental; Twin Peaks Soundtrack

So far, my one and true craving since being pregnant: cherry (pie).... as it turns out, it doesn't even have to be pie; black cherry soda tastes pretty right, too. We started rewatching Twin Peaks on Sunday, maybe that subconsiously had something to do with it. Anyhow, I wanted to put together a little moodboard to capture the craving, and realized it was also a Twin Peaks moodboard. Cheers to a couplea celebrated classics. 


Instant evidences, lately

Generally posting recent thrift finds, peeks at processes, and evidences of life and of living over on instagram. Been following along?  

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